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Best Finish Ultra Gloss Detail Spray Polish - Perfect Detail Spray Polish - Show Tire Protective Dressing
- Prestige Protective Polish - Formula2 Cleaner / Protectant
Does Teflon® Provide any Benefits in Wax or Polish - Do Waxes Really Protect Your Vehicle Finish


Q. How does Best finish Ultra Gloss Detail Spray Polish compare to Perfect Detail Spray Polish?

A. They both do the same job, clean, shine & protect. and are both water soluble and biodegradable.

Q. Then what is the difference between them?

A. The Ultra Gloss Detail Spray Polish offers a little more gloss and slipperyness but should be diluted 50/50 to use on glass and plastic windshields. It is also a bit less expensive to manufacturer.

Q. Why is that so?

A. Ultra Gloss is a poloymer based polish using polymers that are naturally UV resistant and have natural anti-static properties.

Perfect Detail is an acrylic polymer based polish that requires the addition of UV and anti-static properties. The amount of UV and anti-static is about the same for both properties.

The type of polymer polish used in Ultra Gloss also gives it the additional gloss and slickness but requires dilution to use on see-through objects such as glass.

Q. Is Ultra Gloss used the same as Perfect Detail?

A. Yes. Just spray on lightly, in direct sun if necessary, and wipe off with a microfiber cloth (recommended). They both remove light dirt, dust, bugs, finger prints etc. and both offer true protection against the elements.

Q. Why two products then?

A. Perfect Detail is for the person who wants a quick, easy to use product producing outstanding results that can be used on all hard surfaces including glass.

Ultra Gloss is for the person wanting the ultimate in gloss and slickness, even if it is just a little bit more, and was originally aimed at the show car owner.


Q. Is there a safe, biodegradable product available to clean my vehicle?

A. Yes! PERFECT DETAIL is water soluble, biodegradable and non-toxic.

Q. Will PERFECT DETAIL harm the finish on my vehicle?

A. No. PERFECT DETAIL is built for the finest of vehicle finishes.  It will help protect your finish, improve the showroom shine, add depth to the surface and fight the damaging effects of UV rays. Repeated applications can produce such a deep shine that everyone will be stopping you to ask how you got that look.

Q. How much PERFECT DETAIL does it take to clean a car?

A. It only takes a couple of ounces to clean the average size car.  Around 12 to 14 ounces to clean a 40’ motorhome.  You mist it on then wipe off spreading it over the area you sprayed with PERFECT DETAIL.

Q. Can PERFECT DETAIL be applied directly to the dirty surface of my vehicle without scratching?

A. Yes, PERFECT DETAIL contains a cleaner can will remove light dirt, dust, bugs etc. but use a microfiber cloth to wipe the surface dry. If a surface contains more than light dirt or dust you can spray on heaver and remove with a microfiber cloth.  FOR medium to heaver layers of dirt you should use our NO RINSE - WASH & SHINE, which is built to clean light to heavy dirt. Because there isno rinsing it is very fast to clean a vehicle. You can remove much heaver dirt this way and still get a great shine with mild protection. Apply PERFECT DETAIL after you finish washing for the maximum in gloss and protection.

Q. How does PERFECT DETAIL compare to other detailers and waterless washes?

A. It actually exceeds all other known detail sprays and waterless washes in its features and benefits.

A1. PERFECT DETAIL requires only 2 ounces to clean, shine and protect an average size car.  All other brands require around 5 to 6 ounces.

A2. PERFECT DETAIL can be applied in the direct sun.  Only one or two other brands can do this.

A3. PERFECT DETAIL provides true surface protection, lasting 2 to 3 months.  Most others offer no protection and the few that do put in a wax that is good for only a few days and still not offering the strength of protection we do, even during that short time period.

A4. PERFECT DETAIL works absolutely great on glass!  99.9% of other detailer products will tell you to not apply it to glass because of smearing or streaking.  That is caused by the silicone and/or petroleum distillates they use.

A5. PERFECT DETAIL is the only product that contains lubricants that bond to dirt particles preventing them from scratching the surface.

A6. PERFECT DETAIL is the only detailer or waterless wash product that you can pour 2 to 3 ounces per gallon of water and wash the dirtiest surface without scratching, without rinsing and provide our famous shine with true surface protection!

A7. PERFECT DETAIL removes bugs as good as or better than any know bug remover except our Bug Melt.  Most detail sprays do little or nothing to remove bugs.

A8. PERFECT DETAIL offers amazing gloss, far exceeding other detail sprays.

A9. PERFECT DETAIL offers such a slippery surface without silicone, that it resists things sticking to it such as bugs,         fingerprints, smudges, smears etc.  Bugs etc. can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth.

A10. PERFECT DETAIL has true UV protection that lasts the life of the product, 2 to 3 months.  Almost all other   brands don’t offer UV protection.  The few that do use an additive that has a life of around 24 hours since the additive is similar to the UV protection you apply to your skin.

A11. PERFECT DETAIL contains a strong anti-static protection.  Most other detailers don’t offer this at all and the few that do use a short lived anti-static add in that lasts from a few days to a week.             

A12. PERFECT DETAIL is the easiest to apply and remove.  Just mist lightly on and wipe off with a microfiber cloth.         The hard rubbing associated with other brands is not required with us.

Q. Does PERFECT DETAIL offer protection?

A. Yes, it contains polymer polishes that offer 2 to 3 months of solid protection against the environment. Most all detail sprays offer no protection. The few that due, usually provide only a few days to a week.

Q. Can PERFECT DETAIL clean and polish chrome?

A. Yes. PERFECT DETAIL can make chrome look absolutely beautiful, keeping it clean longer than other products.  It is in fact the safest product to use since chrome today is very soft and scratches quite easy.  Bug removal is a snap.

Q. Can PERFECT DETAIL clean glass?

A. It works absolutely great on glass, streak free in fact!  It is safe for tinted windows because there is no ammonia in it. As well, it resists hard water spots from bonding to the surface, allowing bugs etc. to come off easier and make the glass crystal clear.  There is no better glass product available.

Q. Does PERFECT DETAIL repel water?

A. PERFECT DETAIL is great for beading water off a surface.

Q. Does PERFECT DETAIL have anti-static in it?

A. Yes. It contains strong, long lasting anti-static properties.

Q. Can PERFECT DETAIL be used on the inside of my vehicle?

A. Yes, you should use PERFECT DETAIL on the inside glass to clean off the film that get on the surface. It is great for the plastic on the dash gage panel and rear view mirror. It will not harm the finest of leather or vinyl but is not a leather or vinyl treatment.  There is never any greasy oily feel to PERFECT DETAIL.

Q. Can PERFECT DETAIL be used on RV?

A. Yes.  It is perhaps the best single product to use everywhere in and on an RV.  Use all over the outside to maintain that great finish and shine in less time that other products, clean the windows streak free.  For the inside it can be used everywhere.  Windows, mirrors, cabinets, counter tops, stainless steel surfaces, TV screens, showers, appliances, bath stools.  Just everywhere on any hard surface.  It will outperform all other products in those areas.  There is no further need to have a cupboard of cleaning products.

Q. Can I use PERFECT DETAIL inside the house?

A. Yes. PERFECT DETAIL is the best there is for windows, mirrors, kitchen and bath cabinets, appliances and other hard surfaces.  You will clean windows and mirrors STREAT FREE!  If you have stainless steel appliances PERFECT DETAIL is a must to eliminate the fingerprinting and bring out the beauty of stainless.  It also prevents stainless discoloration.  Counter tops especially the softer acrylic type, marble, granite, Formica are great uses.  It will cut down on the wear of softer acrylic counter tops.  Bathroom fixtures, ceramic tile, computer or TV screens, fish tanks, musical instruments etc. are excellent applications.  It makes surfaces very smooth, so you must be careful not to use it where you walk.

Q. Can I use PERFECT DETAIL on my motorcycle windshield?

A. Absolutely. PERFECT DETAIL will give you much better visibility, and also protect your windshield from bugs and debris sticking hard. There is no ammonia, no buildup and no discoloration. Never put Windex,    rain-x, paper towels, rags or the junk available at the gas stations on your windshield, because you can ruin it.  PERFECT DETAIL is safe on coated and non-coated windshields offering more protection than any other single product.

Q. Will PERFECT DETAIL hurt any engine parts?

A. No, it is the best engine detailer you can get. No powdery residue and it stays on to over 450 degrees. Great for the chrome heads and pips of motorcycles.

Q. How long will it last?

A. Because of the premium polymer polish in PERFECT DETAIL, it lasts 2 to 3 months. The sun does not cook PERFECT DETAIL off the finish like wax which can last as little as a few days.

Q. Will PERFECT DETAIL clean and polish aluminum?

A. Yes and No. It will clean dirt off but not oxidation. It is an excellent sealer for aluminum against oxidation and water spots bonding on.  It also protects stainless steel against fingerprinting and discoloration. 





A. Yes.  In fact it may be the only tire dressing that actually protects against the environment and road chemicals.

Q. How does it protect when other products don’t?

A. SHOW TIRE is made with highly protective polymers designed to penetrate in the surface of the sidewall and bond on the outside as well.  It contains a heavy duty UV and Ozone protection long with a great anti-static treatment.  The product is water based, producing a silk to satin sheen.  The protection is so good that your tires will never weather check (dry rot) as long as it is on the tire.  If your tires are already weather checked SHOW TIRE will prevent them from further damage as long as it is on the tire.

Q. How long does the protection last?

A. Usually around one to two months depending on conditions such as amount of road chemicals, type of road chemicals etc.  If the vehicle is laid up such as an RV, protection usually lasts three to four months.

Q. How easy is it to apply?

A. As easy as it can get.  Just clean the tire using our CRUD REMOVER or similar penetrating water based cleaner to get rid of dirt, grime, road chemicals and possibly silicone based treatments you have used before.  This is necessary to allow our protective product to penetrate the rubber pores of the sidewall to completely protect the tire.  Wipe the tire dry after cleaning, apply SHOW TIRE PROTECTIVE DRESSING liberally, let dry and wipe off excess.  Your tires will have a black, rich look resisting dirt and junk from sticking to them. and you are ready to go.  It should take no more than 2 to 4 minutes a tire. And will last for months.

Q. How much does it take to do a tire?

A. Very little.  A 20 oz. bottle should last around a year.  Even for larger RV tires.

Q. Does it contain silicone?

A. NO!  Virtually all tire dressings are made with silicone to produce a “wet look”.  Even worse, some are made using silicone oil (the stuff that does not dry and gets on everything).  As well they contain petroleum distillates.  This method is cheap to make, cleans the surface easily and gives that “wet look”.  The down side is in a few days your tires are brown and full of dirt and dust!   As well the sun is causing immense damage to the sidewall because the interaction of UV rays with petroleum distillates magnifies the damage done by the sun.  There is no tire manufacturer in the world that recommends silicone, silicone oil or petroleum distillates be put on their tires.

Q. How is silicone, silicone oil and petroleum distillates damaging to tires?

A. Tires are made with a mild UV and ozone protection built in the rubber sidewall.  This protection works its way out during driving due to the flexing of the tire.  This is why a tire that sits will “dry rot”.  The elements wear off the protection then start breaking down the rubber.  Silicone oil is the worst of the products since it is the hardest to remove.  You can tell silicone oil because it does not dry, it stays oily for a long time acting like a dirt magnet.  The tire has a wet look and even 4 or 5 days later you can wipe it off on your hands.

Silicone, especially silicone oil, treatments do two bad things.  The most important, they penetrate the sidewall and block the built in UV and ozone protection from coming out and doing the job intended.  Since these products themselves provide absolutely no protection it does not take long for the elements (mostly the sun) to start breaking down the rubber sidewall. 

Second, the petroleum distillates in the product aid and magnify the effects of the sun causing a faster breakdown of the sidewall than would normally take place without the petroleum distillate coating.

Unfortunately they are hard to remove.  Normal tire cleaners or soap and water will not break down the silicone completely enough but may remove petroleum distillates.  They don’t penetrate the tire side wall to get the silicone out of the rubber pores in the sidewall so it stays there doing damage.  You must use a penetrating cleaner such as our CRUD REMOVER to completely break down the silicone and get it out of the rubber pores itself.  Then and only then can you start truly protecting your tires


A. Since SHOW TIRE is water based the polymers used are completely compatible with rubber and the built in UV and ozone protection. 

Q. How do I clean my tires when protected with SHOW TIRE PROTECTIVE DRESSING?

A. Just wipe your tires clean with a damp cloth or spray them with a hose and wipe dry.  No need to wash them with soap.  That will just shorten the life of the protective dressing.  The anti-static properties resist the natural tendencies of tires to become static laden from friction caused by the air going past the tire which attracts dust, dirt and road chemicals. 

Q. How do I know when it is time to reapply SHOW TIRE PROTECTIVE DRESSING again?

A.  Just wipe your tires clean.  When they don’t have that nice dark black finish anymore it is time to reapply SHOW TIRE again.

Q. What happens if you stop using SHOW TIRE PROTECTIVE DRESSING?

A. Outside of loosing the great protection and look nothing bad will happen.  It will eventually wear off and the mild built in UV and ozone protection will once again start working.

Q. What about laying up a vehicle such as an RV or boat?

A.  SHOW TIRE PROTECTIVE DRESSING is perhaps the best solution you can have.  Environmental damage does not quit just because the tire is not moving but the built in protection does quit.  A tire will look pretty bad after one to two weeks of sitting because the protection is gone and the sun and ozone are doing damage to the sidewall.

SHOW TIRE PROTECTIVE DRESSING will last several months, three to four when a tire is just sitting there.  This will prevent deterioration from taking place.  IN FACT, AS LONG AS SHOW TIRE IS ON THE SIDEWALL NO DETERIORATION CAN START.  If it has started (sidewall cracks or checks) SHOW TIRE will stop it from becoming worse as long as it is on the surface.

In vehicles such as boats, water will just bead off the tire.

Q. Can you use SHOW TIRE PROTECTIVE DRESSING on other surfaces?

A. Yes.  First, use it on all type rubber.  Rubber roofs, door seals, RV slide seals, hard plastic panels and items such as air dams, trim, mirror housings etc. and to renew the look of spray-in bed liners for pick up trucks.  In a pinch it works great as a protectant for vehicle dashboards.


Q. How does Prestige Protective Polish compare to those sold in retail & auto stores?

A. There is a world of difference between the two.  Polishes made to sell in retail discount stores have one primary goal in mind.  Have the lowest possible cost to provide the largest profit margin to entice the retailer to stock the product and to pay for advertising, promotion and sales costs.

Our primary goal is to provide the very best protective polish available at the lowest cost per application and with the most features.  To make the lowest purchase cost you must sacrifice many features including true long term protection. 

Q. What is unique about our Protective Polish?

A. Prestige not only provides the ultimate in protection, it also cleans off oxidation as well as removes imbedded surface containments. This saves the recommended step of claying your vehicle surface to do this. You are shinning, protecting and smoothing your surface in one fast and easy step.

It is applied by hand or power and does not require buffing for that outstanding shine.  It is perhaps the fastest protective polish to apply. Just wipe on an area, it hazes in seconds, then wipe off! You're done that quick.

Now it is possible to remove all types of surface containments while getting the best protection possible.

Q. On what type of surfaces can Prestige Protective Polish be applied?

A. You can use it on paint, clearcoat, fiberglass, Gelcoat, glass and chrome.

Q. What about the long-term protection claimed by polishes selling in drug stores and supermarkets?

A. Like all low priced products with outlandish claims they use a very flawed method to determin how long their product lasts.  One of the common ones states we washed a car 52 times and water still beaded up.  This is advertised as proving their protection lasts a year.  Well, water will bead up on a clean, smooth surface regardless of the fact there is polish on it or not.  Also, what happened to the 52 weeks of being out in the environment?  They conveniently forgot that!  There simply is NO POLISH THAT WILL LAST A YEAR WITH ONE APPLICATION, NONE!!!  The average life cycle of up to 6 months provided by Prestige Protective Polish is documented by independent lab testing; not advertising claims and is now the longest available. We had a few competitors but the economy took its toll on them. They all sold out to larger chemical companies that sell mainly to the retail market. Each one was diluted down to lower its cost to meet the discount store profit requirements and they slowely disappeared from the retail shelf.

Q. What about ease of application?

A. Prestige is about the easiest to use.   Simply rub some on a small area, it hazes out in seconds, then wipe the haze off.  That’s it! No hard rubbing, no buffing, nothing else required.  Your surface is cleaned of imbedded dirt containments and shines like heck.  It is as smooth as you want with the best protection you can get.

Q. What about fiberglass and other surfaces?

A. Prestige works great on clear coat, paint, fiberglass, Gelcoat and glass.  Use it on windshields to sheet water off and it will last longer than the popular glass treatments such as Rainex®.  It will also protect all surfaces from water spots bonding on and from fuel discoloring surfaces.  Use it on glass top cook stoves to protect the surface from food sticking to it.  Use it in showers to protect against water spotting, soap and shampoo buildup.  Everything will remove easily from the surface when you use Prestige, even the acid from bird droppings and bugs.  Our Protective Polish can be used on most all hard, smooth surfaces.

Q. How much is required to do a car?

A. You should use around 3 to 4 oz. for an average size car.  A 40’ motorhome will take around 30 oz. for the four sides, not including the roof.  Many of our RV customers report using 30 oz. or less for their 40’ coach.  The exact amount used depends on the amount of oxidation, imbedded dirt and how much overlap you do when applying it.


Q. What is unique about Formula2 Cleaner/Protectant?

A. Formula2 cleans, reconditions and protects in a single application.  It does each of those functions better than any other single product.  As well, it rebuilds the factory protection on leather and vinyl that wears off easily.  In addition, it contains UV inhibitors and anti-static properties.

Q. On what type of surfaces can it be used?

A. Use on leather, ultra-leather, exotic skins, vinyl, plastic trim and rubber trim, dashboards, seats, etc.

Q. Does it contain silicone like other leather products?

A. No!  There are no harmful silicones or petroleum distillates.

Q. Does it get all over your cloths and on the windshield?

A. No!  Those type products use silicone oil that will not dry and petroleum distillates.  Formula2 is water based and made of the finest available ingredients.

Q. How does it compare to other leather & vinyl products?

A.  There are a few good leather and vinyl products available.  Of the good ones, they offer separate cleaners, reconditioners and treatments.  The total cost of them far exceeds the cost of Formula2.  As well, you have to do separate applications for each function so the time saved is quite a bit.  There is NO OTHER leather or vinyl product that cleans as well, reconditions as well has the quality of treatment to maintain the product in premium condition.

In addition, these products cannot be used on vehicle trim such as rubber and hard plastic like Formula2 can. 

Q. How much does it take to do a job?

A.  There is no simple or easy answer to that since every application is unique.  The fact is however, you will use less Formula2 than other products.  Many of our customers report one bottle lasts around one year.


According to G.R. Ansul of DuPont's Car Care Products, Specialty Products Division, "The addition of a Teflon® flouropolymer resin (Also referred to as PTFE) does nothing to enhance the properties of a car wax. DuPont developed Teflon so this is direct from the source.

Ansul notes that,
We have no data that indicates the use of Teflon® "flouropolymer resins is beneficial in car waxes and we have not seen data from other people that support this position."

Ansul also notes that,
"Unless Teflon® is applied at 700 degrees F°, it is not a viable ingredient, and is 100 percent useless in protecting the paint's finish." (Source: Grisanti, Stephen, "The Truth About Teflon®", Professional Car Washing & Detailing, January, 1989.) (Note: the Acrylic Silicone Flouropolymer used in 3M®'s Show Car Paste Wax is not Teflon®.)

While this statement is in regard to car wax, it is also true for car polishes claiming benefits from Teflon® or PTFE. At the time of the statement car wax was the primary product used in the market so polish was not referenced. Today, while polish has become the more preferred product, it is still true that the addition of a Teflon® flouropolymer resin does nothing to enhance the properties of a car wax or polish. It is a simple truth, Teflon®, like silicone, offers no benefits to the user of car care products.


The plain and simple answer is, NO! Then, why do many people say it does?

The main reason is misinformation. They see the constant advertising and start to believe what they are being told. Also, many people are unfortunately stuck in the past. What they think used to work should work now. Another important reason is unfortunately, greed! Companies want to sell you wax!.

So many outrageous claims are made to sell products that most people don't even think about the logic, or lack of it, behind the claims any more. Also the manufacturers know most people are too lazy to check products out before buying! If this isn't true than just think about why so many ab products are offered for sale today. A little while after a new one is intorduced you can start scanning the want ads and find them for sale. Why, they didn't work. Most people unfortunatelly are always looking for an easy way out of doing the work required to get the results you are after.

A sad fact of life is there are more lies, half-truths and deception in car care products than in any other product area except health & beauty aids.

Why doesn't wax protect?
There are several reasons and this may take some checking on your part to verify it's true but here goes.

First off, wax was developed to beautify, not protect. It produces a good shine, just what it was developed for and not much else. The UV protective value of wax disappears after several days. Wash and it's gone at once! The protective value of wax for the rest of the things mentioned below is none existent.

Wax adheres by sticking. It starts melting at around 120 degrees. It does not put a hard finish on the surface. It is removed or penetrated by just about everything. Soap, fuel spills, bug acid, bird droppings, road chemicals, environmental pollutants etc. The UV protection added to wax is not much better, if any better, than the UV protection you put on your body. How long does that last?

To truly protect, the product should ideally bond to the surface and become at least as hard and what it is protecting and last many months. In this way it can better fight off all potential damage that comes its way. It should not be removed by car washing except in microscopic amounts.

Let's put to rest the fallacy about Carnauba. Pure Carnauba is one of the hardest waxes available, also very brittle when dried. Carnauba is not usable in its pure state in wax. If you put it in a container you would have a rock hard lump soon after it was opened. If you could get it applied to a surface it would crack all over the place when it dries due to its brittle properties. What you must do is add chemicals to it that prevent hardening, ever! So we're right back to soft wax. Carnauba is one of the hardest known waxes, does add a better shine than other waxes and does protect the best of all the waxes. The problem is the protection is still very limited.

One or more of the major car care companies give out information that Carnauba wax comes in various grades, from light colors #1 down to darker colors #2,3,etc. and they insinuate the light color is the most pure and darker colors are not as pure. The truth is the color of pure Carnauba wax depends not on how pure it is but only on the age of the tree (Brazilian palm tree, Botanical Name- Copernica Cerifera) when harvested. Color ranges from pale yellow to deep golden. The wax comes from the leaves of the tree.

Carnauba wax is one of the hardest cosmetic waxes found. Is a very hard, thick wax with a high melting point around 180-185 degrees (the pure form, not what is found in car waxes). It is mainly used in furniture waxes, lipsticks, and cosmetic recipes, and used to polish fruits and vegetables to make them look better in the supermarket. It is an FDA approved product in pure form. IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT PROTECTING YOUR PAINT!

The simple truth is Carnauba is almost as much a gimick as Teflon is for protection of car finishes. Another gimick is the waxes that you have to heat prior to application. Just more work for no more results. Liken that to the old belief that medicines had to taste bad to be good for you. False then as now. Modern technology makes truly protecting and shining your vehicle easier than ever. You just have to be able to see through the gimicks.

Go back to before clear coat was applied to new cars, around 30 years ago or so. Then go back to the introduction of car wax. During that time period car paint was oxidizing right and left while people waxed for protection. It was almost a ritual on the weekend to wash and wax your car.

Wax manufacturers began putting abrasive compounds in their wax to remove the oxidization so the car could again shine. If you waxed your car every week you never seen oxidization because the wax was always removing traces of dead finish, not noticeable to our eyes, each time you applied it. For those who did not wax frequently the oxidization became noticeable. You were also removing paint every time you waxed. More than one person went right though paint to the primer eventually from continued waxing due to the abrasives.

This went on for years with people complaining and finally the car manufacturers had enough of it and went to the paint suppliers to demand a paint that did not oxidize. The final answer after years of development was the clear coat finish now on your vehicles. The UV inhibitor could not be put directly in the paint without many problems. It could be put in another coating that could be applied on top of the paint. Hence, paint became a two step process, base coat (not shinny) and clear coat (puts on lots of shine along with UV and some environmental protection.

It's true today just like yesterday. Car manufacturers hate to add cost to their product. Why? It gets in the way of profit! The car manufacturers had to take on the extra cost of two-step, clear coat, base coat paints because of the utter failure of wax to protect the car surface from environmental damage otherwise known as oxidation. PROVING AGAIN, WAX NEVER TRULY PROTECTED THE PAINT!


Polish, PROTECTIVE POLISH, that is. Not the type of polish that is designed to remove surface swirls and other damage. That type of polish is usually referred to as finishing or finish polish or finishing cream.

The protection contained in this type of product is inherent to the chemicals used. It bonds to the paint surface, produces a very hard surface and great shine. The UV and environmental protection can last from as short as one month to as long as four to six months depending on the quality of ingredients used. Forget the lasts for a year stuff. That's just advertising hoopla.

There are gimicks here also. Protection that lasts up to one year! As phony a claim as those for wax. No protective polish lasts that long. The four to six months protection is an honest figure for the best quality protective polishes and no known reputable manufacturer will guarantee longer protection. These number are also backed up by third party testing.

Another gimick was the one that started a fire on the hood of a car to demonstrate how well their product protected. That product has been removed from the market due to false claims. Many an idiot burned their car up by pouring gas on the hood and putting it on fire. The polish company used a chemical used by the Hollywood film studios for fires on or around people. It doesn't burn with the heat of gasoline. Our protective polish will withstand heat of over 400 degrees but you don't put a car on fire to demonstrate it. That's just silly.

If you want true protection just use a true quality protective polish. Forget the gimicks, forget the cheap discount store prices (those polishes are basically abrasive to clean up the surface and shine it, just a glorified wax), forget doing things on the cheap! Buy a quality product and use it properly.

There are several waxes on the market that make great claims and do basically meet those claims. They come from some of the more well known brands in the market. The problem is these waxes are really polishes marketed as wax. It is easy to make any product in liquid, cream or paste form so they make them look like wax.

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