Bug Melt

BUG MELT - Even the worst baked-on bug residue is easily removed with this surface-safe product. Skilfully formulated without using harmfull or hazardous chemicals that can cause paint discoloration or staining of aluminum trim or removal of paint protection such as waxes and polishes.

BUG MELT is a pH neutral formulation that gently turns hardened inset residue into a soft solution for effective, safe removal from any surface. It even dissolves road kill residue on contact!

Dissolves Bug Splatter with Ease!

  • Use strength or dilute as needed.
  • Safe on any surface water can be applied to.
  • Nutral pH - safe for use on all surfaces.
  • Cannot dull or cloud aluminum grilles.
  • Preferred by show car and motorcycle enthusiasts.
  • Endorsed by many Harley-Davidson dealerships.

Great for Motorhomes, Trucks and other RV's!

  • Removes impacted bug debris effortlesslly.
  • Dissolves embedded algae and mildew.
  • Erases RV "black streaks".
  • Also dissolves road oil, exhaust soot and grime

For Motorcycles and all Aircraft Leading Edges!

  • Cleans all motorcycle surfaces quickly and safely!
  • Removes air debris, general grime and exhaust stains.
  • Cleans leading edges to top performance.


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